Latest UPES Solved Assignments for Economics & Management Decisions Jan 2023

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Economics & Management Decisions

Assignment 1

Case Study 1

The vending machines sell soft drinks at $3.50 per bottle. Now at this price, consumers buy 4,000 bottles per week. To increase sales, it has been decided to decrease the price to $2.50, increasing sales to5,000 bottles. Now, calculate the price elasticity of demand.


Economics & Management Decisions

Assignment 2

Case Study 2

Calculate net domestic product at factor cost by expenditure method and national income by the value-added method by using the following data:

1.     Domestic capital formation                                        250 cr.

2.     Net Exports                                                                 50cr.

3.     Private final consumption expenditure                       900 cr.

4.     Value of output of

(a) Primary sector                                                             900

(b) Secondary sector                                                         800

(c) Tertiary sector                                                             400     

5.     Value of intermediate consumption by:

(a) Primary sector                                                             400

(b) Secondary sector                                                         300

(c) Tertiary sector                                                             100     

1.     Consumption of fixed capital                                     80cr.

2.     Indirect taxes                                                              100 cr.

3.     Government final consumption expenditure              100 cr.

4.     Subsides                                                                      10 cr.

5.     Net factor income from abroad                                  20cr.

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