Latest UPES Solved Assignments for Marketing Management Jan 2023

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Marketing Management

Assignment 1

You are required to investigate different approaches to video based marketing and the use of video in online marketing and promotion. For your proposed website and m-commerce application, write a report of up to 2,000 words proposing an online video advertising strategy. The strategy should include how video would be used in social media, location-based services, and via email. 

Your report should explain how you would use video to: 

·       Make customers advocates for the new site. 

·       Include reviews of products and services. 

·       Provide support to customers. 

·       Promote and sell building services to customers. 

·       Research and develop new ways of doing business. 


Marketing Management

Assignment 2

Assignment Content

Assume the role of a marketing manager of a company of your choice, you are to propose digital marketing campaign to achieve their business goals. Your report should present the following sections: 

·       Executive summary : It highlights the rationale of your campaign;, your vision ; what results you aim to achieve; and quick understanding of your creative idea, execution, and forecasted results for readers. 


·       Situational analysis ; It covers companies market situation and competitive land scape in digital marketing element. This section should cover identifying business goals, digital smart objectives for your company, and proposed digital campaign. 


·       Digital marketing strategy ; It includes identify and define target audience ; campaign idea; and creative strategy with a focus on customer attraction and retention strategy, supported by academic underpinning. 


·       Digital marketing plan ; include Digital marketing plan - It includes media planning and spend to achieve overall strategy. This section include recommended measurements key performance indicators and distribution of budget over the period of the campaign or by channels to achieve maximum return on investment. The plan needs to be realistic and reflects company's strategy and capabilities. 


·       Literature Integration ; This section should cover specific elements, topics, and analysis covered in the units, learning material, and reference material. 


The report should have the following Table of Content: 

1.     Executive summary 

2.     Introduction 

3.     Situational analysis 

a.     PESTEL analysis 

b.     Competitors Analysis 

c.     SWOT analysis 

d.     Business goals and smart objectives

4.     Strategy 

a.     Why? 

b.     Online value proposition 

5.     Campaign objectives and focus 

a.     Objectives 

b.     Target segment 

c.     Pen portrait 

d.     User personals 

e.     Social media evaluation 

f.      E-Marketing mix (4 P's)

g.     Implementation 

h.     Project plan 

i.      Campaign budget 

j.      Performance index 


6.     Conclusion