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Assignment 1

Q1 Explain the major objectives of economic planning in India. [10 Marks]
Q2 Explain the following
a) Capital market
b) Primary Market
c) Secondary Market
d) Price Policy [10 Marks]

Assignment 2

 Q1 Explain EXIM policy the examples. [10 Marks]
Q2 Explain the dispute settlement mechanism of WTO. [10 Marks]

Assignment 1

Q1 What do you mean by individual behavior? What are the determinants of individual behavior? [10 Marks]
Q2 Distinguish between centralization and de centralization? [10 Marks]

Assignment 2

 Q1 What do you mean by Values? Explain types of values? [10 Marks]
Q2 What do you mean by team work? Explain types of teams? [10 Marks]

Assignment 1

 Q1 What are the various Objectives of Preparing Final Accounts ? [10 Marks]
Q2 Explain the various types of Subsidary Books ? [10 Marks]

Assignment 2

Q1 What are the various characters of Responsibility Accounting? [10 Marks]
Q2 Explain in detail the Methods of Break-even Analysis? [10 Marks]

Assignment 1

 Q1 Discuss the central problems of an economy ? [10 Marks]
Q2 Describe the various methods of measurement of elasticity of demand ? [10 Marks]

Assignment 2

 Q1 Define price discrimination. When it is profitable ? Discuss in detail. [10 Marks]
Q2 Explain the circular flow of income in four sector model ? [10 Marks]

Assignment 1

 Q1 3. What is verbal communication? Why is good verbal communication so important? [10 Marks]
Q2 What are the ten steps to successful communication? Explain. [10 Marks]

Assignment 2

Q1 3. Complete the following sentences using appropriate subordinating conjunctions.
a. I make it a point to visit the Taj Mahal . I go to Agra.
b. This is the place .. I used to stay when I was studying at college.
c. .. you get the first rank, I will buy you a car.
d. .. you work hard, you cant pass the entrance test.
e. I am leaving tomorrow  or not you give me the permission.
f. He could not get a seat, .. he came early.
g. The players delivered a splendid performance . they had rehearsed well.
h. Parents should give enough attention to children .. they will not feel neglected.
i. He is  dishonest  no one trusts him.
j. I will note it down  I should forget.

Q2 5. Correct the following sentences:
a. He had two types of kites.
b. Rama did not have some problems.
c. Anish is a best student I have.
d. Anshul is a student whom I love like my kid.
e. He donĂ¢€™t like chocolate.
f. Her friends or Sarah excels at volleyball.
g. The news are on at 10.
h. My family are a lot of fun.
i. Each of these have been ruined.
j. They have been waiting a long time  [10 Marks]