NMIMS Solved Assignment Essentials of HRM

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Course: Essentials of HRM

Internal Assignment Applicable for September 2020 Examination

Assignment Marks: 30


1.Mike has not been performing well in accounts department due to the new system on taxation that has been implemented in the organisation. He is lagging behind in the concepts of current taxation norms as well as his communication skills are not as expected. The accounts head of the organisation believes in the institution of training and wants to send Mike for the same. Introduce the concept of training by commenting on the above proclamations. Also, discuss the factors influencing the effectiveness of training. Conclude your answer in a brief way by focusing on the importance of

training for any organization.


2. Select a job of your choice and write Job Description & Job Specification for it.


3. Succession Planning is essential for the survival and success of any organization as it identifies and prepares the existing workforce to replace the key personal employed in key position. Keeping this concept intact discuss:

a. One failure story where succession planning was not done properly and the organization had to bear heavily because of it.

b. One Succession planning success story of any organization.