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IGNOU MS-01 to MS-11 Solved Assignments

Note: Attempt all the questions and submit this assignment to the coordinator of your study centre. Last date of submission for January 2022 session is 30th April, 2022 and for July 2022 session is 31st October, 2022. 

Course Code : MS - 01

Course Title : Management Functions and Behaviour

Assignment Code : MS-01/TMA/JAN/2022

1. Briefly discuss the various tasks and responsibilities a manger has to perform in an organisational set up.

2. What is MBO? Briefly describe the process of MBO and it’s benefits. Discuss the relevance of MBO in the present day context of organisations.

3. Briefly discuss and describe the process of organisational change as per Kurt Lewin. Explain the factors for resistance to change and the strategies to be used for implementing change.

4. Describe the process of conflict and discuss the impact of conflict in organizations. Give examples.

5. Briefly discuss the determinants of interpersonal behaviour and explain how to develop the skill for having an effective interpersonal relationship.

Course Code : MS-2

Course Title : Management of Human Resources

Assignement Code : MS-2/TMA/JAN/2022

1. Explain the process of human resource planning. Describe how HR forecast is carried out in the organisation you are working with or an organisation you are familiar with.

2. Discuss the concept of ‘competency mapping’. Explain any two methods of competency mapping that you are familiar with citing suitable organisational examples.

3. Define mentoring and distinguish it from performance coaching. Assume you are responsible for mentoring of employees in a large organisation. Discuss how you will make mentoring a strategic function. Illustrate.

4. Discuss the motivational aspects of reward system in an organisation. Analyse the recent trends in reward system in Indian organisations and suggest measures to improve.

5. Define collective bargaining in your own words. Critically evaluate the state of collective bargaining in the present day business scenario. Explain with examples your answer giving due details of the organizations and the sources you are referring to.

                                                                                     Course Code : MS-03

Course Title : Economic and Social Environment

Assignment Code : MS-03/TMA/JAN/2022

1. Discuss how the role of Government changed post reform period, giving examples.

2. Explain the critical elements of politico- legal environment of business citing relevant examples.

3. Briefly discuss the role and importance of small scale industry in a developing economy.

4. Discuss the trends in India’s Balance of Payments (BoP) during the past decade.

5. Briefly describe the Indian financial system.

6. Write short notes.

(a) Health Security

(b) Economic Growth

Course Code : MS-04

Course Title : Accounting and Finance for Managers

Assignment Code : MS-04/TMA/JAN/2022

Q1. Accounting is closely associated with control". Explain the statement and discuss the role of accounting feedback in the process of control. What do you understand by Internal Audit? How do the functions of an internal auditor differ from that of External Auditor?

Q2. You are required to prepare a Schedule of Changes in Working Capital and a Statement showing Sources and Application of Funds for XYZ Ltd. The following is the condensed Balance sheet of XYZ Ltd. at the beginning and at the end of the year 2021


As at 1-1-2021

As at 31-12-2021




Cash and bank balances



Sundry debtors



Short-term investments



Prepaid expenses






Freehold land and sheds



Plant and machinery






Liabilities and Capital



Sundry creditors



Outstanding expenses



5% Debentures



Depreciation fund



Reserve for contingencies



Profit and loss account



Share capital






 Additional information available is:

(a) Dividend was paid @ 10% .

(b) During the year and old machinery costing Rs. 12,000 was sold for Rs. 4,000, on which accumulated depreciation was Rs. 6,000 and a new machinery of Rs. 20,000 was purchased. The factory sheds are fully depreciated.

(c) 5% Debentures of face value of Rs. 100 each worth Rs. 20,000 were redeemed by purchase from the open market at Rs. 96 each.

(d) Rs. 10,000 was debited to the contingency reserve for settlement of previous tax liability.

(e) Investment worth Rs. 26,000 were sold at book value.

Q3. Explain the technique of Marginal Costing and Absorption Costing. Taking a suitable example prepare a Profit and Loss Account according to Marginal Costing and Absorption Costing.

 Q4. A firm has sales of Rs. 75, 00,000 variable cost of Rs. 42, 00,000 and fixed cost of Rs. 6,00,000. It has a debt of Rs. 45, 00,000 at 9% and equity of Rs. 55, 00,000.

(i) What is the firm’s ROI?

(ii) Does it have favorable financial leverage?

(iii) If the firm belongs to an industry whose asset turnover is 3, does it have high or low asset leverage?

(iv) What are the operating, financial and combined leverages of the firm?

(v) If the sales drop to Rs. 50.00.000, what will be the new EBIT?

(vi) At what level the EBT of the firm will be equal to zero?

Q5. Discuss the concept of Working Capital. As a financial manager which factors would you take into consideration while estimating working capital needs of your firm.

Course Code : MS - 5

Course Title : Management of Machines and Materials

Assignment Code : MS-5/TMA/JAN/2022

1. “Product development and design is basically a research and development activity”. Elaborate the statement with suitable examples.

2. Please explain why the in-process inventory is likely to be higher for an intermittent operation than for a continuous flow operation?

3. Define job design. List the important factors that must be addressed in job design and briefly discuss the importance of each one.

4. What is the utility of maintenance performance indices? Discuss a few of them.

5. What do you understand by automated storage and retrieval? For what kinds of goods and in which companies in India do you think such systems would be appropriate?

Course Code : MS-6

Course Title : Marketing for Managers

Assignment Code : MS-6/TMA/JAN/2022

1. a) Explain the term marketing with suitable examples. Discuss the elements of marketing mix and their role in strategy development.

b) With the help of secondary data sources (published or internet) try and collect relevant and recent material in the last five years with regard to infrastructure sector which indicates the type of marketing effort is being made to develop and promote infrastructure sector.

2. a) Distinguish between products and services with suitable illustrations. Discuss the concept of service and the reasons for growth of the sector in the last five years (collect data from published and internet sources).

b) What is the concept of product life cycle (PLC)? Discuss the various stages of PLC in the following situations.

(i) any SUV model of your choice

(ii) electric bike

3. a) Explain and discuss the concept of a segment in marketing. Take a hypothetical example of your choice and explain the bases for segmentation and the decision to select its segment.

(b) Who is a consumer? Why knowledge of consumer behavior is important for marketers in the design and development of firms offering? Illustrate.

4. a) Explain the importance of branding in marketing of goods and services. Select a suitable brand name and discuss the branding decisions that you would consider in the following situations.

(a) a premium soap for men

(b) gearless motorcycle for women from a leading manufacturer.

b) As a Manager, you have been assigned the task of sales forecasting for the following periods.

(a) Short term for – 6 months

(b) Midterm for – 2 years

(c) Long term for – 4-5 years

How would you go about in undertaking the said task for a small passenger car. Discuss the determinants, approaches and evaluation criteria that you wish to consider. Justify.

Course Code : MS-07

Course Title : Information Systems for Managers

Assignment No. : MS-07/TMA/JAN/2022

1. Explain the difference between commercial software, shareware, open source software, freeware and public domain software.

2. What are various ways of assessing the value of information? Explain each method briefly?

3. Computers are often referred to as ‘number crunchers’. Evaluate the statement in the context of financial planning.

4. In which phase of system life cycle the following are performed? Defining the problem, identifying its causes, specifying the solution, and identifying the information requirements.

5. In the context of a data warehouse:

(a) What is a concept hierarchy?

(b) What do you mean by factual information?

(c) What is a snowflake schema?

Course Code : MS-08

Course Title : Quantitative Analysis for Managerial Applications

Assignment Code : MS-08/TMA/JAN/2022

1. Comment on the statement “Statistics is the science and art of handling aggregate of facts – observing, enumerating, recording, classifying and other wise systematically treating them.

2. Calculate Spearman’s coefficient of ranks correlation from the following data:

X : 53 98 95 81 75 61 59 55

Y : 47 25 32 37 30 40 39 45

3. Suppose that a day’s production schedule calls for 9000 items. Three machines A, B and C each with a daily production capacity of 4000 have the probability that an item is defective on them as 1, 2 and 4 percent respectively. On a given day 4000 items were produced on A, 4000 on B and 1000 on C. One item is selected at random and found defective. What is the probability that it was produced on either A or B?

4. Two types of batteries are tested for their length of life and the following data are obtained:

No. of samples              Mean life (hrs.)               Sample Variance

Type A                              9                                         600                                   121

Type B                              8                                         640                                   144

Is there a significant difference in the two means? (t for 15 df at 5% level= 2.131)

5. Write short notes on:

(1) Normal Distribution

(2) Level of significance

(3) Degree of freedom

Course Code : MS-9

Course Title : Managerial Economics

Assignment No. : MS-9/TMA/JAN/2022

1. “Profit Maximization is the main objective of a firm”. Discuss this statement with the help of an example.

2. What are the marketing approaches to demand measurement? Explain how the Delphi Technique is different from Market Experiments Technique?

3. Find (1) the marginal and (2) the average cost functions for the following total cost function. Calculate them at Q=4 and Q=6

4. Oligopoly is the most prevalent form of market structure in the manufacturing sector. Describe this statement with the help of an example.

5. Does Price Discrimination exist in the real world? Discuss with reference to any particular product or service?

6. Write short notes on the following:-

(a) Market Demand Schedule

(b) Direct Costs and Indirect Costs

(c) Peak Load Pricing

Course Code : MS - 10

Course Title : Organisational Design, Development and Change

Assignment Code : MS-10/TMA/JAN/2022

1. Briefly explain the difference between organizational effectiveness and organizational efficiency. Describe the factors which affect an organizational design.

2. Discuss and describe emerging trends in work organisation and how it helps in work life balance.

3. Briefly discuss the purpose of organizational anlaysis. Describe the elements that to be reviewed while analyzing an organisation.

4. Discuss and describe different stages of organizational development.

5. Describe the role of a change agent and the competencies required to be a successful change agent.

Course Code : MS-11

Course Title : Strategic Management

Assignment No. : MS-11/TMA/JAN/2022

1. How does the ‘objectives’ of an organization help them to formulate a specific strategy. Explain with respect to the process of strategic management.

2. What is a ‘focus’ strategy? How are the organizations trying to focus themselves with the new age working style? Illustrate with the help of examples

3. Many industries like hospitality and aviation have faced a real setback due to the pandemic situation. What in your opinion would be a good strategy for them to make a comeback? Justify.

4. Do you think that in present uncertain situation with slow economy ‘diversification strategy’ can be a right move for an organization? Explain with the help of suitable examples.

5. Discuss different types of leadership styles. What in your opinion would be an appropriate leadership style for the organizations facing hardships due to the pandemic? Explain.

IGNOU MS-21 to MS-29 Solved Assignments

Note: Attempt all the questions and submit this assignment to the coordinator of your study centre. Last date of submission for January 2022 session is 30th April, 2022 and for July 2022 session is 31st October, 2022.

Course Code : MS - 21

Course Title : Social Processes and Behavioural Issues

Assignment Code : MS-21/TMA/JAN/2022

1. Discuss and describe how social processes plays an important role in shaping human behviour.

2. Explain different sources of power and it’s influence on organisations. Briefly discuss how power is different from Authority and influence.

3. What’s a learning organisation and describe it’s characteristics and it’s application. Discuss how learning organistions can be developed. Give examples.

4. Discuss how to build effective teams and the factors hindering them. Illustrate with examples.

5. What are the characteristics of an inclusive organisation and explain how an organisation benefits by having inclusiveness.

Course Code : MS - 22

Course Title : Human Resource Development

Assignment Code : MS-22 /TMA/JAN/2022

1. What is the usefulness of Competency Mapping in overall organizational functioning? What are the basic steps followed in conducting Competency Mapping of an organization. Explain with an example.

2. What are the generally followed phases in implementing Organization Development programmes in an organization? Are there any conditions which play important role in success of Organization Development in an organization? Explain with relevant examples.

3. How do you distinguish between Information and Knowledge? Explain through the roles of a Knowledge Manager as to how do they help leveraging professional expertise in an organizational setup. Explain with relevant organizational examples you are familiar with. Describe the organization you are referring to.

4. Explain the objectives of compensation-cum-reward system. Describe the compensation system of any organization you are aware of. Discuss the psychological basis of rewards. Briefly describe the organization you are referring to.

5. Explain basic objectives of HRD in Government Systems. Describe a new approach to an integrated HRD system in government administration. Discuss the current systems of HRD in government with suitable examples.

Course Code : MS - 23

Course Title : Human Resource Planning

Assignment Code : MS-23 /TMA/JAN/2022

1. Explain the concept of human resource forecasting. Discuss various techniques used in human resource forecasting.

2. Describe the job evaluation methods citing examples.

3. Outline the steps in HR selection process with the help of illustrations.

4. Briefly explain the methods used in performance appraisal citing suitable examples.

5. Explain various approaches to managing information at the macro and micro level of an organisation.

Course Code : MS - 24

Course Title : Industrial Relations

Assignment Code : MS-24 /TMA/JAN/2022

1. Explain various issues involved in the Participative Forums in India and how these forums should be design to address these issues.

2. How leaders perform a significant role in strategic management? What do you understand by corporate culture and relevance of ethics and values for a corporate culture?

3. Explain the procedure of holding domestic enquiry against an employee for certain acts of alleged misconduct.

4. Enlist the conditions for success of collective bargaining in India citing examples.

5. Highlight the industrial relations systems in Asian countries with the help of illustrations.

Note: Attempt all the questions and submit this Assignment to the Coordinator of your Study Centre. Last date of submission for January 2022 session is 30th April, 2022.

Course Code : MS - 25

Course Title : Managing Change in Organisations

Assignment Code : MS-25/TMA/JULY/2022

1. Describe the process of turnaround management and how it can help transforming the organisation in bringing change. Give examples.

2. Explain the concept and reasons for Merger and Acquisitions. Discuss how it helps in bringing better performance of the organisation. Briefly discuss with reference to an organisation.

3. Describe the system of Bench marking and the process of outsourcing and it’s impact on the organisation. Give examples.

4. Describe team building and process consultation interventions for bringing change in the organizations. Explain with examples.

5. Describe and discuss various roles of a leader in managing change. Briefly explain with reference to an organisation.

Course Code : MS - 26

Course Title : Organisational Dynamics

Assignment Code : MS-26/TMA/JULY/2022

1. Discuss the different theoretical perspectives regarding in groups. Group is a means to accomplish tasks/ goals. Elaborate and explain.

2. Explain the concept of role in relation to role Space and role Set. How does role become a source of conflict, explain with your own experience.

3. What do you understand by the term Empowerment? Explain why empowerment is needed at various levels.

4. Explain the concept of culture, and discuss the underlying assumptions. What are the functions of organizational culture? Why is it important for an organization?

5. What are the key issues relating to each of the major dimensions of diversity? What should companies do in dealing with diversity with examples?

Course Code : MS – 27

Course Title : Compensation and Rewards Management

Assignment Code : MS-27/TMA/JULY/2022

1. What do you understand by “Capacity to pay on industry-cum-region basis”? Is the employer bound to pay minimum wage irrespective of its financial capacity to pay?

2. How the provident Fund scheme is administered under the Employees provident Funds and Miscellaneous provisions Act, 1952?

3. What is the difference between a pay Commission and a wage board? Discuss the relative merits and demerits of different methods of wage determination.

4. Explain what is performance linked reward system? List out the various steps involved in designing a performance linked reward system. Give an example.

5. What is the recent trend in awarding additional bonus payments and fringe benefits to various categories of employees?

Course Code : MS - 28

Course Title : Labour Laws

Assignment Code : MS-28 /TMA/JULY/2022

1. Explain the role and relevance of Labour Laws. What do you understand by public interest litigation? Is it maintainable as a writ petition.

2. What do you understand by plantation to which the plantation Labour Act would be applicable? What are the provisions relating to health in the plantation?

3. What is meant by “Industry” and “Industrial dispute”? What are the authorities under the Act and the duties entrusted to them?

4. Explain the objective, scope and coverage of the payment of Wages Act 1936. State the procedure laid down under the act for imposing fines.

5. Explain, what are the various benefits payable under the “Workmen’s Compensation Act, 1923”? What are the powers of the commissioner for workmen’s compensation?

Course Code : MS - 29

Course Title : International Human Resource Management

Assignment Code : MS-29/TMA/JULY/2022

1. Differentiate between Domestic Vs International HRM and discuss how work force diversity helps in the growth of organisation.

2. Describe and discuss purpose and role of performance management from the perspective of International HRM. Briefly discuss Tahvanainen (1998) model for expatriate performance management.

3. How does cross-cultural communication and negotiation play an important role for the success in the Global Business? Explain with relevant examples.

4. Discuss the importance of leadership in Multinational context and the qualities required for a leader to be successful. Explain with examples.

5. Briefly describe and discuss the competencies required to be effective in International Business.


IGNOU MS-41 to MS-46 Solved Assignments

Note : Attempt all questions and submit to the coordinator of your study centre. Last date of submission for January 2022 session is 30th April, 2022 and for July 2022 session is 31st October, 2022.

Course Code : MS - 41

Course Title : Working Capital Management

Assignment code : MS-41/TMA/JAN/2022

Q1. Discuss the Role of Central Bank in designing and implementing monetary and credit policy. What are the important policy measures announced as a part of the latest credit policy.

Q2. You are to prepare Cash Flow Statement from the Balance Sheets of alpha Ltd.



2020 (Rs.)

2021 (Rs.)


2020 (Rs.)

2021 (Rs.)




Share Capital



Plant & Machinery






Fixtures & Fittings



Profit & Loss

appropriation A/c






Provision for Dividends









Accounts Receivable



Bank Overdraft






Bills Payable



Prepaid Expenses



Loan on Mortgage















Preliminary Expenses












Additional information

(i) Depreciation is charged on building at 3 percent of cost of Rs. 9,00,000 on plant; machinery at 8 percent of cost Rs. 4,00,000 and fixtures & fittings at 5 percent of cost Rs. 8,000.

(ii) Interest received Rs. 3,000 on investments was used in writing down the book value of investments.

(iii) Dividends declared for 2020 was paid and interim dividend of Rs. 20,000 was paid out of Profit & Loss Appropriation Account.

Q3. What is a Commercial Paper (CP)? Discuss the terms and conditions laid down by companies for issuing CP. Describe the procedure followed in India for issuing commercial paper.

Q4. If you are a manager of an MNC, under what circumstances would you consider using Euro Currency markets? What advantages or disadvantages these markets would offer compared to borrowing from domestic markets?

Q5. Taking a suitable example explain how maximum permissible bank finance is determined under the three methods of lending.


Course Code : MS-42

Course Title : Capital Investment and Financing Decisions

Assignment No. : MS-42/TMA/JAN/2022

1. What do you understand by Cost of Capital? How is Cost of Capital of individual components computed.

2. Explain the nature of a project and discuss the ‘Project Life Cycle’.

3. What is ‘Cost Benefit Analysis’? How are the results of cost benefit analysis used for project choice.

4. Explain the various non traditional sources of long term financing.

5. Discuss the factors contributing to financial engineering and explain about financial engineering in fixed income securities.

                                                                            Course Code : MS-43

Course Title : Management Control System

Assignment Code : MS-43/TMA/JAN/2022

Q1. Discuss the integration of Total Quality Management (TQM) and Just In Time (JIT) techniques with the management control systems.

Q2. In any organization of your choice try to find out the different types of Responsibility Centres that are established and the reasons for having such centres. Give a report on your findings and suggestions if any.

Q3. Explain the following organization-wide incentive systems:

(a) The Scanlon Plan

(b) The Kaiser Plan

Q4. Describe the unique characteristics of financial service organizations. Explain in detail the various variables of banking system which affect the management control system of a bank

Q5. Study the Case of ‘Sun Cellular Limited’ given in Block 5 of this course and answer the questions given at the end of the case.

Note: Attempt all the questions and submit this Assignment to the Coordinator of your Study Centre. Last date of submission for January 2022 session is 30th April, 2022.

Course Code : MS-44

Course Title : Security Analysis and Portfolio Management

Assignment Code : MS-44/TMA/JULY/2022

1. What is the significance of investment risk? Explain the various risks that may influence the investment risk.

2. What are Primary and Secondary markets? Explain the Principal steps involved in floating a Public Issue and discuss the SEBI guidelines for floating Initial Public Offering (IPO) with help of a care example.

3. Discuss the different measures of value for company valuation? Explain the various methods used to assess and measure future value of equity shares which are based on quantitative factors with suitable examples.

4. What is “Efficient Market Hypothesis”? Discuss the forms of Market Efficiency and explain the empirical tests used to determine the degree of efficiency in the stock markets.

5. Compare and Contrast Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) with Arbitrage Pricing Theory (APT). Which of the two is a better model for pricing risky assets and why, explain with reasons.

Course Code : MS-45


Assignment Code : MS-45/TMA/JULY/2022

1. What are the different kinds of International Financial Flows. Explain the structure of Balance of Payments and discuss the basic principles governing recording of these flows.

2. What do you understand by Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) and Interest Rate Parity? Explain the reasons for deviation of these parity conditions.

3. Discuss the various types of exchange rate exposures and explain the techniques used to manage these exposures.

4. Explain the role and services offered by the Export Credit Guarantee Corporation (ECGC).

5. Discuss the factors peculiar to the international operations of Firms and explain the issues involved in foreign investment analysis.

Course Code : MS-46

Course Title : Management of Financial Services

Assignment Code : MS-46/TMA/JULY/2022

1. What are the various Non-Banking Financial Institutions operating in India? Describe the role and functions of different Non-Banking Financial Institutions operating in the Indian financial markets.

2. Write a note on the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) Regulations governing brokers and Sub-brokers. Between self –regulation and legislative regulation, which is more relevant in India and why?

3. What do you understand by ‘Issue Management’? Explain the various factors that have to be kept in mind by the Merchant Bankers while selecting a Public Issue proposal. Also describe different post-issue activities that are managed by them?

4. Explain the concept of ‘Credit Rating’. Discuss the process followed by a rating agency while giving a Credit Rating symbol to the issuer company. Describe how the Credit Rating agencies are regulated in India.

5. Define ‘Insurance’. Discuss the various types of Insurable Risks. Explain the contingencies that are covered under a typical Life Insurance Contract.

IGNOU MS-51 to MS-58 Solved Assignments

Note: Attempt all the questions and submit this assignment to the coordinator of your study centre. Last date of submission for January 2022 session is 30th April, 2022 and for July 2022 session is 31st October, 2022.

Course Code : MS-51

Course Title : Operations Research

Assignment No. : MS-51/TMA/JAN/2022

1. What is operations research? What are the characteristics of operations research? Discuss the significance and scope of operations research in modern management.

2. A construction company has undertaken three projects, one each in City A, City B and City C. Each project requires a specific supply of raw material which the firm sources from the Cities D, E, F, and G. Shipping costs (in rupees) differ from location to location. The following table summarizes the problem the manager of the construction firm faces:




Available supply (tons)
























Demand (tons)





The contractor learns that due to some difficulties, currently no shipments are possible between the cities D and A, and between F and C.

a) Obtain the optimal transportation plan for the contractor. Calculate the total cost. At what location is some supply going to be short? By how much?

b) Is the solution in (a) is unique. If not, identify another optimal solution.

c) Write the dual of this problem and use the values of the dual variables to check the optimal solution.

3. What is Goal programming? What are the steps involved in Goal programming model formulation? Discuss the applications of Goal programming with suitable examples.

4. A manufacturing company uses Rs. 10,000 worth of an item during the year. He has estimated the ordering costs as Rs. 25 per order and carrying costs as 12.5$ of average inventory value. Find the optimal order size, number of orders per year, time period per order and the total cost.

5. Write a short note on the following:

i. Characteristics of a queuing model

ii. Zero – sum two person games.

iii. Steps in the simulation process.

iv. Random experiment and probability.

Course Code : MS-52

Course Title : Project Management

Assignment No. : MS-52/TMA/JAN/2022

1. What is a project? What are the characteristics of a project? Discuss the tools and techniques in project management.

2. Draw a project network for the following jobbing production.



Preceded by

Time (Weeks)


Market research




Make drawings




Decide production policy




Prepare sales programme




Prepare operation sheets

B, C



Buy materials

B, C



Plan labor force




Make tools




Schedule production

D, G



Produce product

F, H, I


a. Construct the project network diagram.

b. Calculate the time estimates (EST, EFT, LST and LFT) in the above project.

c. Find the critical path and critical activities and project duration in the above project?

3. What do you mean by an integrated project information system? Draw an MIS for 4-storeyed brick and residential building assuming that there is a magnificent component of marbling, tiling and sanitary work.

4. What is project quality management? Describe the quality control procedure in project management existing in an organization that you know.

5. Write a short note on the following:

i. Project feasibility study

ii. Project environment

iii. Project life cycle

iv. Triple constraints of a project

Course Code : MS - 53

Course Title : Production/Operations Management

Assignment Code : MS-53/TMA/JAN/2022

1. What do you mean by production/operations management? What is the input-transformation-output process? Why operations management important in all types of organizations? Discuss.

2. Cell phone sales for a Mumbai-based firm over the last 10 weeks are shown in the following table. Plot the data, and visually check to see if a linear trend line would be appropriate. Then determine the equation of the trend line, and predict sales for weeks 11 and 12.


Unit Sales





















3. What do you mean by facilities layout? What are the various types of layouts? Discuss with suitable examples.

4. ABC Company Ltd manufactures a seasonal product. At the present, they use a level labor force a matter of company policy. The company is afraid that, if they lay off workers they will not be able to rehire them or to find qualified replacements. Does this company have an aggregate planning problem? Discuss.

5. Write a short note on the following:

i. Quality Function deployment (QFD).

ii. Guidelines for conducting Delphi study.

iii. Work measurement.

iv. Characteristics of Just in Time Systems.

Course Code : MS-54

Course Title : Management Information Systems

Assignment No. : MS-54/TMA/JAN/2022

1. Discuss the rational and individual models of decision making. What are the implications of these models to information systems analysis?

2. What are the design considerations in on-line systems which are especially important for it or different from conventional systems and in what way? Give suitable examples.

3. What are expert systems and how do they help in decision-making? Discuss with suitable examples.

4. What is DBMS? Describe the problems which may arise if the DBMS evaluation team consists entirely of persons from systems and programming in the data processing department.

5. Write a short note on the following:

i. Types of information systems.

ii. System development life cycle.

iii. Work measurement.

iv. Network topologies.

Course Code : MS - 55

Course Title : Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Assignment Code : MS-55 /TMA/JULY/2022

1. “The supply chain management (SCM) is viewed as a system that links an enterprise with its customers and suppliers.” Comment on the statement.

2. It is a fact; SCM and BPR have a common goal and are interrelated. Explain the sentence with examples.

3. Information is the key to the decision making in Business.” Explain the concept of information and technology in the integrated supply chain. Also, explain the importance of information in integrated business.

4. “Logistics Management impacts not only upon the profit and loss account of business but also upon the balance sheet?” Comment on the statement.

5. “Choice of location for a plant is one of the earliest problems facing management.” Do you agree? Give reasons in support of your answer.

Course Code : MS - 56

Course Title : Materials Management

Assignment Code : MS-56 /TMA/JULY/2022

1. “The bottom line of any material management system is the minimisation of material procurement, storage and handling costs, without compromising quality and availability of materials”. Explain the objectives and advantages of materials management in an organisation.

2. “Negotiations with foreign suppliers call for a good deal of understanding and insight in addition to the normal planning required for such sessions”. Explain the concept of negotiation with foreign suppliers in the view of the statement.

3. What do you understand by Manufacturing Resource Planning? Is MRPII the ultimate manufacturing planning and control system?

4. “Process Inventory is concerned with the material or semi-finished good on the production floor”. Do you agree? Give reasons in support of your answer.

5. Why control is needed in materials management? Explain the different types of control needed in materials management?

Course Code : MS - 57

Course Title : Maintenance Management

Assignment Code : MS-57/TMA/JULY/2022

1. What do you understand by “Planned Maintenance Management system”? Explain any two documents required in planned maintenance.

2. What is meant by cost absorption and cost apportionment? Discuss the methods of cost absorption and state which method do you consider to be the best and why?

3. “The primary function of maintenance management is to ensure the availability of the plant and equipment.” However intrinsic to this requirement is the necessity to provide maximum reliability and safety. Explain the maintenance techniques for safety and environmental improvements.

4. Explain one component redundancy yields higher reliability than unit redundancy. For the general case of an n-component series system, prove that it is true.

5. What is vibration monitoring? Explain the basis of identifying and analyzing a problem, while making use of vibration monitoring technique.

Course Code : MS - 58

Course Title : Management of R& D and Innovation

Assignment Code : MS-58/TMA/JULY /2022

1. What is technological inertia? Explain the reasons for technological inertia, preventing the implementation of new technologies?

2. “Corporate function of Research & Development (R&D) is a managerial rather than technical function.” Discuss. Also identify the contents of this function.

3. “The human resource management practices that faster innovation and creativity for effective R&D have four dimensions.” Explain these dimensions.

4. Discuss the provision for funding of R&D projects under various schemes of the Government of India. Also, critically comment upon them.

5. Explain Technology Transfer Model. Also, explain the various elements of technology transfer process.

IGNOU MS-61 to MS-66 MS-68 MS6-611 | MS-612 

Solved Assignments

Note: Attempt all the questions and submit this assignment to the coordinator of your study centre. Last date of submission for January 2022 session is 30th April, 2022 and for July 2022 session is 31st October, 2022.

Course Code : MS - 61

Course Title : Consumer Behaviour

Assignment Code : MS-61 /TMA/JAN/2022

1. How would you differentiate between organisational buying and individual buying? Taking the example of purchase of stationery of your personal use and for organisational purposes, explain the differences.
2. Discuss the theories of motivation, and types of motivational conflict.

3. Define the concept of social class. Do you think that social class or income would be a better segmentation tool for the marketing of holiday packages? Discuss.

4. Differentiate between interpretation and yielding. How does the former affect the latter?

5. Take the example of a Washing Machine purchase by your family. Explain the decision process with the help of Howard Sheth Model.

6. Write short notes on following

a. VALS-2 Classification

b. Family life cycle concept

c. Theory of self-concept, and related concept. 

Course Code : MS - 62

Course Title : Sales Management

Assignment Code : MS-62 /TMA/JAN/2022

1. (a) Distinguish Selling from Marketing with a suitable illustration.  Explain the linkage of distribution function with sales management in a consumer durable company of your choice.

(b) What is sales strategy? Discuss the sales strategy formulation for a newly introduced electric bike.

2. (a) Explain the various Selling Skills that a salesman should possess and why? Comment on the importance of Interpersonal communication process with an example.

(b) What is Presentation in the context of selling? Discuss the various types of sales presentation and the situations where they can be used.

3. (a) Discuss the frequently used sources of recruitment for frontline salesman with suitable examples.  Explain how training needs are identified in a medium size engineering company.

(b) What are the ways in which a sales manager can motivate a salesman? Discuss.

4. (a) What are the various approaches involved in territory design? Elaborate.

(b) When and why field sales organisation are developed? Discuss with an example and justify the need for establishing a sales organisation.

Course Code : MS - 63

Course Title : Product Management

Assignment Code : MS-63 /TMA/JAN/2022

(a) What is a Product? Discuss with an example. How are products classified? Explain the basis of classification with suitable examples.

(b) Discuss the nature and scope of Product Management with a company you are associated or familiar with.

2. (a) What is product line? By taking an FMCG company of your choice as an example discuss its product line.  Explain the Product Life Cycle concept (PLC) and how does it help in product planning activity of a business.

(b) What is the rationale for managing product portfolio? Discuss.  Explain the Methodology of constructing BCG matrix.

3 (a) List out and discuss the relevance and rational of branding.  Bring out the relationship of the three concepts namely positioning, product differentiation and market segmentation with a suitable example of your choice.

(b) Discuss the concept of Brand equity. Comment on the importance of packaging and labelling.

4(a) Explain the various sources of new product ideal used by a firm which you are associated or familiar with.  What factor’s determine the decision to offer new product by the marketer?

(b) Discuss the major concept generation methods that you are familiar with.  What is Test marketing? Discuss the various issues associated with test marketing.

Course Code : MS - 64

Course Title : International Marketing

Assignment Code : MS-64 /TMA/JAN/2022

1. What are the reasons that promote international business concerns to invest in foreign lands? Discuss.

2. Enumerate the elements that make up culture. Why is an understanding of different cultures important to an international marketing manager?.

3. Briefly explain the EPCG scheme as envisaged in the current Export Import Policy.

4. What are the relative advantages of standardization/adaptation of an international advertising programme.

5. Outline the procedure for conducting international marketing research, giving suitable example.

Course Code : MS - 65

Course Title : Marketing of Services

Assignment Code : MS-65 /TMA/JAN/2022

1. Discuss the international scenario of role played by services sector in national economies. Do you feel India is following the trend displayed by developed economies in this regard? Discuss the theories of motivation, and types of motivational conflict.

2. What are the basic differences between pricing of goods and pricing of services? Does characteristics of services influence their pricing? Discuss.

3. Using SERVQUAL scale, create a questionnaire for a service firm that you patronize or are familiar with.

4. What are the implications of core, facilitating and supporting services for marketers of education? Discuss the concept of an augmented service products with the help of examples from the educational services..

5. Write short notes on following


b. Branding of Financial Products

c. Positioning of Advertising Agency

Note: Attempt all the questions and submit this Assignment to the Coordinator of your Study Centre. Last date of submission for January 2022 session is 30th April, 2022.

Course Code : MS - 66

Course Title : Marketing Research

Assignment Code : MS-66/TMA/JULY/2022

1. a) Explain the meaning and importance of marketing research in the decision making process. Illustrate.

b) What are the two methods of conducting marketing research that firms can consider? Discuss the problems/ challenges that firms face in conducting marketing research in India.

2. a) What is research design? Explain the concept and importance of research design in the context of marketing research problem.

b) Explain the term data collection. Discuss the different types of data needed for marketing research. Evaluate the merits and demerits of each type of data.

3. a) With suitable examples discuss briefly the various methods of probability sampling that is available for a researcher.

b) When and why the four types of attitudinal scales are used in marketing research. Explain each of these scales with suitable examples.

4. a) In what situations Qualitative and Qualitative research is used? Discuss with suitable examples.

b) Write an essay on the application areas of marketing research in India.

Course Code : MS-68

Course Title : Management of Marketing Communication and Advertising

Assignment Code : MS-68/TMA/JULY/2022

1. (a) What do you understand by the term marketing communication? Explain the communication model that describes how communication travels from the firm to the consumers and the factors that affect the way the consumer perceive the message.

(b) Write a brief on your understanding of the Rural media scene.

2. (a) Discuss the elements of promotion mix and their impact with suitable examples.

(b) What do you understand by the term message design in the communication framework? Bring out its importance in strategy development/formulation.

3. (a) Media selection, planning and scheduling are considered as strategic issues in advertising. Discuss each of these issues which makes them strategic.

(b) Explain the important considerations in the organisation and management of consumer trade promotions.

4. (a) Discuss the various functions and structure of an advertising agency.

(b) What do you understand by “positioning” in the context of advertising agencies? Explain the various positioning alternatives available for advertising agencies with suitable examples.

Course Code : MS-611

Course Title : Rural Marketing

Assignment Code : MS-611/TMA/JULY/2022

1. What do you understand by the term ‘rural markets’? What are the implications for an FMCG company wanting to enter rural markets, in terms of

(a) its rural product mix

(b) its pricing strategy

2. Explain the role of Melas and Haats in rural distribution.

3. How do culture and social class influence rural buying behaviour? Explain with reference to purchase of a consumer durable product.

4. What are the major objectives of sales promotion? Suggest rural sales promotion methods for the following products (any two)

(a) Tooth powder

(b) Biscuit

(c) Cooking oil

5. Discuss the impact of technology on rural marketing.

Course Code : MS-612

Course Title : Retail Management

Assignment Code : MS-612/TMA/JULY/2022

1. (a) Define retailing. Discuss the scope and prospects of retail sector in the current Indian context.

(b) What are the various business activities that a retailer undertakes in catering to the customer?

2(a) Explain the role and relevance of marketing research in retailing. Elaborate on the possible areas where marketing research can be used.

(b) Why location decisions are important in retail business? Explain the influencing factors that help in deciding a specific location. Pickup any suitable example of your choice and discuss.

3(a) Explain the term retail mix and merchandise mix with suitable illustrations. Discuss the various factor affecting merchandise mix decisions.

(b) Discuss sourcing as a critical function of every retail business irrespective of the nature and size of the business. Substantiate.

4(a) Discuss the key considerations used while assessing Human Resource requirement for any retail organization that you are familiar with.

(b) Distinguish between store vs. non-store retailing with suitable examples. Explain catalog retailing and the various guidelines that a retailer should follow for its implementation.

IGNOU MS-91 to MS-97 Solved Assignments

Note: Attempt all the questions and submit this assignment to the coordinator of your study centre. Last date of submission for January 2022 session is 30th April, 2022 and for July 2022 session is 31st October, 2022.

Course Code : MS-91

Course Title : Advanced Strategic Management

Assignment Code : MS-91/TMA/JAN/2022

1. Describe the features of corporate policy. What are the steps involved in policy formulation process? Explain in detail.

2. (a) Identify the issues which result in bad corporate governance (CG).

(b) Develop a case of an organisation (name and describe the organisation) when good

CG has resulted in improvement in performance of the organisation.

3. What are the various pricing strategies available to the firms? Discuss any two of them with reference to different market structures.

4. Briefly discuss the trends and challenges in Knowledge Management (KM).

5. What are the steps involved in developing R&D strategy? Briefly explain.

6. Write short notes.

(a) Ethics and Business

(b) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Course Code : MS-92

Course Title : Management of Public Enterprises

Assignment Code : MS-92/TMA/JAN/2022

1. Briefly explain the rationale for the establishment of Public Enterprises in India with special reference to its development objectives.

2. What is Social Audit? Explain the need for social audit in the present context.

3. What are the causes of sickness and types of sickness faced by public enterprises?

4. Define a Project. Explain the characteristics and stages of a project. Briefly explain why is Project Identification different from Project Planning?

5. List out the strategic issues which arise out of disinvestment of public enterprises.

6. Write short notes on the following:-

(a) Committee on Public Undertakings (CPU)

(b) Corporate Governance

(c) Collective Bargaining

Course Code : MS-93

Course Title : Management of New and Small Enterprises

Assignment Code : MS-93/TMA/JAN/2022

1. Explain with examples the employment generation potential of an Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME).

2. Differentiate between selling and the marketing orientation using illustrations.

3. Give an overview of Technical Feasibility and know – how with special reference to scope of technical arrangements and provision of technical know – how.

4. Why are small business owners not able to handle employee relations? Discuss what are the measures used for handling employee grievances?

5. Explain family business. Describe the positive and negative side of family business.

6. Write short notes on the following:-

(a) Classification of MSME’s

(b) Formation of the Company

(c) Commercial Banks

Course Code : MS-95

Course Title : Research Methodology for Management Decisions

Assignment No. : MS-95/TMA/JAN/2022

1. Distinguish between the terms within each of the following pairs.

(a) Endogenous variables and exogenous variables.

(b) Characteristics of interest and unit of analysis.

2. Compare and contrast the various attitude measurement techniques. When will you use each of them? Discuss briefly.

3. Briefly review the different types of models along with their characteristics.

4. A report should be thoroughly reviewed and edited before the final report is submitted. What are the questions that were asked while reviewing the draft?

5. Twenty three applicants for a position are interviewed by a suitability test and their performance scores are listed below:

Group A: 7 11 9 4 8 6 12 11 9 10 11

Group B: 8 8 13 14 11 10 12 14 13 9 10 9

Use the Mann Whitney U-test to determine whether there was a difference in the performance scores of two groups X and Y at 5% level of significance.

Note: Attempt all the questions and submit this Assignment to the Coordinator of your Study Centre. Last date of submission for January 2022 session is 30th April, 2022.

Course Code : MS-94

Course Title : Technology Management

Assignment No. : MS-94/TMA/JULY/2022

1. What is the role of technology at the enterprise level for a country? Elucidate.

2. What is Information Technology Revolution? Explain giving relevant examples.

3. Explain the concept of relevance tree and develop a “problem relevance tree” for an electric car.

4. Read the articles on technological innovation which recently had a great impact on the global front. List out the major attributes of this innovation and discuss how these attributes can be used to develop a communication strategy for the target market.

5. What are the various options for financing new technology projects? Explain any two of them in brief.

Course Code : MS-96

Course Title : Total Quality Management

Assignment No. : MS-96/TMA/JULY/2022

1. Many companies have adopted the Deming philosophy. Choose a company which has adopted Deming philosophy. Explain how the company has complied with the philosophy.

2. What to you understand by strategic planning? Why is it necessary for implementing TQM? Explain using a relevant example.

3. What do you understand by ISO 26000? Explain.

4. Every organization has a specific quality programme. Discuss the quality programme followed by an organization of your choice and how it helps the organization sustain in the competitive world.

Course Code : MS-97

Course Title : International Business Management

Assignment Code : MS-97/TMA/JULY/2022

1. How does globalization benefit international business and what are the strategic implications of globalization? Discuss with examples.

2. Examine how cultural factors affect international business and what are the challenges that managers come across while dealing with cultural differences.

3. Explain the various methods of country risk analysis. Which method, according to you, is the best and why?

4. Discuss in detail international supply chain management.

5. Analyse the impact of environmental factors on market entry with the help of examples.

6. Discuss the following:

(a) Global Financial System

(b) e-Business Models

IGNOU MPB Course Solved Assignments

Banking and Finance

Course Code : MS-422

Course Title : Bank Financial Management

Assignment Code : MS-422/TMA/JULY/2022

 Note: Attempt all the questions and submit this Assignment to the Coordinator of your Study Centre. Last date of submission for January 2022 session is 30th April, 2022.

 1. Explain the role of financial analysis in managing the finances of a Bank. Discuss the techniques of Financial Analysis being used by the bank. Give your suggestions, if any.

2. Explain the term ‘Bank Capital’. Discuss the functions and classification of Bank Capital. What are the requirements that banking companies need to fulfill in order to carry on their business in India.

3. What are the steps involved in Project Evaluation? Discuss the methods followed for evaluating Projects. Explain the techniques used for measuring the Project Risk.

4. What is ‘Operational Risk’. Explain the significance of Operational Risk. Discuss the methodologies used for measuring Operational Risk.

5. Take the case of any merger that has taken place in the Banking Sector and discuss it in detail.

Note: Attempt all the questions and submit this assignment to the coordinator of your study centre. Last date of submission for January 2022 session is 30th April, 2022 and for July 2022 session is 31st October, 2022

Course Code : MS-423

Course Title : Marketing of Financial Services

Assignment Code : MS-423/TMA/JAN/2022

1. How would you describe a financial services? Describe the different marketing orientations and discuss their application in marketing of financial services.

2. Explain the various Behavioural Models used for anlaysis buyer’s behaviour.

3. What is Product Life Cycle? Explain its application in marketing of banking products.

4. Explain the process of Project Appraisal and enumerate the key sources of project finance.

5. New Technology provides entry route for new entrants in financial services. Explain.

Course Code : MS-424

Course Title : International Banking Management

Assignment Code : MS-424/TMA/JAN/2022

1. Meet a Banker of your choice and discuss the factors that have contributed to the growth and prospects of international banking.

2. Explain the role of the Basel Committee in respect of International financial regulations. Discuss the Basel III norms and critically analyse their applicability to the India Banks.

3. Discuss the objectives of External Commercial Borrowings and the policy of the government in this respect. Also discuss the trends in the External Commercial Borrowings in the last 5 years with relevant data.

4. Define International Bond Market. What are the types of bonds and their features floated in the global capital market?

5. Explain the benefits of e-Banking for global trade. What is the impact of technology on foreign exchange trading operations?

Course Code : MS-425

Course Title : Electronic Banking and IT in Banks

Assignment Code : MS-425/JAN/2022

1. What is a Virtual Private Network (VPN)? Discuss the categories of VPN products and their role in the financial sector.

2. Explain the concept of Electronic Commerce. What are the reasons for electronic commerce not becoming most common method of carrying out business transactions. Discuss the issues important to the design of an electronic commerce framework.

3. Discuss the principle of Biometric Security. What are the different Biometric techniques that are widely used?

4. Explain the concepts of Outsourcing and Cosourcing. What are their advantages and disadvantages? Discuss the important phases through which organizations go through during the process of Outsourcing.

5. What do you understand by the term ‘Groupware Computing’? Explain the model of groupware. Describe in detail the Group Decision Support System (GDSS).

                                 Course Code : MS-494

Course Title : Risk Management in Banks

Assignment Code : MS-494/JAN/2022

1. Meet a Banker of your choice and discuss the different types of risks faced by the banks? Explain in detail the various approaches used for quantification of Interest Rate Risk,

2. What are the traditional application domains of the Risk Models? Explain the various modeling approaches used for assessment of Credit Risk.

3. What is meant by Liquidity Risk? Discuss the importance of liquidity in banking operations and explain how is liquidity risk measured?

4. Meet a Banker of your choice and discuss how Interest Rate Risk affects banking operations? Explain the application of Interest Rate Derivatives in managing Interest Rate Risks.

5. What are the various types of Operational Risks? Explain the Basic Indicator Approach (BIA) and Standardized Indicator Approach (SIA) used for risk analysis and measurement of operational risk.

Course Code : MS-495 Course Title : Ethics and Corporate Governance in Banks

Assignment Code : MS-495/TMA/JULY/2022

 Note: Attempt all the questions and submit this Assignment to the Coordinator of your Study Centre. Last date of submission for January 2022 session is 30th April, 2022.

 1. Identify the four main areas of Business Ethics. What are the different steps involved in the theory of moral development?

2. How are ethical dilemmas resolved? Explain this from business perspective and individual perspective.

3. ‘Reserve Bank of India has taken various steps towards furthering corporate governance in the Indian Banking system’. Discuss.

4. Discuss the alternative models of Corporate Citizenship. Explain which is the most traditional model of Corporate Citizenship.

5. Why is Grameen Bank called the bank for the ‘poorest of the poor’? Trace the origin of Grameen Bank and discuss its objectives.

6. Write short notes on any two of the following:

(a) Whistle Blower Policy

(b) Corporate Social Responsibility in Financial Sector

(c) Green IT initiatives in Banks.

IGNOU MFP Solved Assignments

Note: Attempt all the questions and submit to the coordinator of your study centre. Last date of submission for January 2022 session is 30th April, 2022 and for July 2022 session is 31st October, 2022.

Course Code : MFP-1

Course Title : Equity Markets

Assignment Code : MFP-1/TMA/JAN/2022

Q1. What do you mean by 'Application Supported by Blocked Amount' (ASBA)? Describe the process involved for ASBA and discuss its advantages.

Q2. What are American Depository Receipts (ADRs), Global Depository Receipts (GDRs) and Indian Depository Receipts (IDRs)? How is ADR different from GDR?

Q3. Describe the salient features of settlement of transactions in institutional segment. Explain the procedure involved in the settlement of funds and securities in the institutional segment.

Q4. Choose any company from the pharmaceutical sector and perform through company analysis including ratio analysis.

Q5. Explain the concepts of 'Stock Split' and 'Rights Issue'. Describe the adjustment processes for these corporate actions with the help of suitable examples.

Course Code : MFP-2

Course Title : Equity Derivatives

Assignment Code : MFP-2/TMA/JAN/2022

1. What is a Forward Contract? Explain how does it work? Distinguish between Forward Contract and a Future Contract.

2. What are ‘SWAPs’? Explain the different type of SWAPs giving examples.

3. Explain Stock Futures and Index Futures. Give a comparative analysis on the product features of an Index future and a Stock Futures Contract.

4. What are ‘OPTIONS’? Explain the factors that drive call option prices and discuss the manner in which these factors impact their prices.

5. Who is a clearing member? Discuss the different types of clearing members. Explain the clearing and settlement mechanism of futures contracts.

Course Code : MFP-3

Course Title : Commodity Markets

Assignment Code : MFP-3/TMA/JAN/2022

1. What do you understand by the Commodity Market Ecosystem? Discuss the benefits of commodity derivatives for producers, consumers and manufacturers.

2. Describe the regulatory framework for future delivery in commodity markets in India and discuss the statutory functions of Forward Market Commission.

3. What are ‘Warehouse Receipts’? Explain the advantages of dematerialized warehouse receipts over the physical ones. Discuss the procedure adopted for dematerialization and rematerialization of warehouse receipts.

4. Discuss the characteristics of crude oil and distillate products. Explain the structure of crude oil markets and the trends in it over the past decade.

5. What do you mean by ‘Weather Derivatives’? What is the utility of these derivates? Briefly explain the different products of these derivatives and comment on the international markets for them.

Note: Attempt all the questions and submit this Assignment to the Coordinator of your Study Centre. Last date of submission for January 2022 session is 30th April, 2022.

Course Code : MFP-4


Assignment Code : MFP-4/TMA/JULY/2022

1. Explain the features of ‘Foreign Exchange Market’ and discuss the economic variables that impact Exchange Rates.

2. What are the various types of option? How are option contracts priced? Explain the ‘Black Scholes’ option valuation model with the help of an example.

3. What is a Money Market? Explain in detail the various types of money market instruments and compare their salient features.

4. What are ‘Government Securities’? Explain their features and discuss about the various types of Government Securities.

5. How is Bond Valuation done? Explain the application of the concepts of duration and

convexity in bond valuation.

Course Code : MFP-5

Course Title : Professionals in Financial Markets Practice

Assignment Code : MFP-5/TMA/JULY/2022

1. Visit a Depository Participant of your choice and understand the concept of ‘Depository System’. Find out the distinction between a Depository Account and a Bank Account. Also discuss the services provided by a Depository. Write a note on your discussions.

2. Discuss the significance of ‘Road Shows’ in the context of a Public Issue of Securities and explain the constituents of these road shows. Also discuss the different activities that are involved in the preparation for Road Shows, with the help of an example.

3. Why do companies go for Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As)? Discuss, different valuation methodologies used in M&As.

4. Discuss the need for regulation of Public Issues and explain the issues that are required to be taken care while regulating public issues of securities.

5. Discuss the scope for Financial Markets Training as an employment opportunity and explain the different kinds of training opportunities one may come across in this area.


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