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IGNOU MS-01 to MS-11 Solved Assignments

Course Code : MS-01
Course Title : Management Functions and Behaviour
Assignment Code : MS- 01/TMA/SEM-I/2020

1. “Every individual’s behavior is initiated because of some needs, drives, and desires and is directed towards achievement of goals. These needs and drives motivate a man to action. The manager’s attempt should be to influence these needs, desires or motives towards the achievement of organizational objectives.” Elaborate this statement and discuss the underlying concept with suitable examples from your own experience or the ones you are aware of. Please identify the context, you are referring to.
2. Identify some of the factors that contribute to the uniqueness of each organization. Describe the process through which tradition and customs are maintained in any organization. Explain with suitable examples you are aware of. Identify the organization you are referring to.
3. Distinguish between delegation, decentralization and centralization as they relate to the authority by in an organizational situation. Draw from the experience you have or you are aware of in organizational set up. Briefly describe the organization and situation you are referring to.
4. Briefly describe various leadership styles. Is leadership a process of shared influence on the work group? Explain with the help of the examples and/or organizational cases you are aware of/familiar with. Briefly describe the organization and the context, you are referring to.


Course Code : MS - 2

Course Title : Management of Human Resources

Assignment Code : MS-2 /TMA/SEM – I/2020

Q1. Define Environmental and Political Perspective of Human Resource Management and why it is more important in changing social environment.

Q2. Why Outsourcing recruitment process is beneficial over in-house recruitment process? How does Job analysis influence the recruitment process of an organization?

Q3. How HR audit realizes the objectives of HR department of an organization? How HR audit helps in performance planning and review?

Q4. Explain why learning organization is finding place over training and development in organization these days? How mentoring and coaching can affect learning organization?

Q5. Why do grievances occur within an organization and how disciplinary actions can redress grievances?

Course Code : MS-03
Course Title : Economic and Social Environment
Assignment No. : MS-03/TMA/SEM-I/2020

1. Discuss the macro environmental variables concerning business. Explain how socio- cultural environment affects business decisions giving examples.
2. What are the various dimensions of the structure of Indian Industry? Describe the industrial structure on the basis of ownership pattern.
3. Briefly discuss major trends in India’s foreign trade in the post-reform period with the support of data.
4. Write a note on the changing role of government in recent past with suitable examples.
5. Analyse the impact of economic reforms on the growth rate of GDP and employment and identify the reasons for fall in GDP and employment in the recent years.
6. Write short notes:
(a) Private Sector and Economic Development
(b) Small Scale Industry (SSI)
(c) Inflation
(d) Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

Course Code : MS-04
Course Title : Accounting and Finance for Managers
Assignment Code : MS-04/TMA/SEM-I/2020

1. “Accounting is closely connected with Control”. Elaborate the statement and discuss the role of accounting feedback in the process of control.
2. Prepare Funds Flow Statement and Cash Flow Statement for the year ending March 31, 2019 from the information given below.
Balance Sheet
(as on March 31)
(Rs. ‘000)
Trade Creditors
Cash at Bank
Bills Payable
Accounts Receivable
Outstanding Expenses
Bills receivables
Bonds payable accumulated Depreciation

On Machinery
On Building
Retained Earnings

Share Capital



Profit from operations after providing Rs. 10,000 as depreciation on Building and Rs. 10,000 on Machinery and Rs. 5,000 as amortization on Patents for the year April ’18-March ’19 was Rs. 35,000. Other revenues for the year were Rs. 40,000. An old machine with original cost of Rs. 15,000 was sold at a loss of Rs. 5,000.
3. A company requires capital funds of Rs. 5 crores and has two options: (i) To raise the amount by the issue of 15% debentures, and (ii) To issue equity shares at a rate of Rs. 20 per share. It already has 40 lacs equity shares issued and debt financing of Rs. 6 crores at the rate of 12%. Find out the expected EPS under both financing options at the given EBIT levels of Rs. 2 crores and Rs. 7.5 crores. What should be choice of the company given that the applicable tax rate is 50%?
4. Explain the meaning of Variance. Taking a suitable example explain how material variances can be computed.
5. In organisation of your choice try to find out the factors that are taken into consideration while making the dividend decision.
Course Code : MS-05
Course Title : Management of Machines and Materials
Assignment No. : MS-05/TMA /SEM-I/2020

1. “Operational level decisions deal with short-term planning and control problems.” Explain the various Operational (short-term) decisions in the light of the statement.
2. “The continuous form of processing requires a great deal of effort while designing.” Explain the characteristics and advantages of the continuous flow processes.
3. “Work sampling is a fact-finding tool.” Comment on the statement. Explain some uses of work sampling and work sampling procedure.
4. Under what circumstances would you use PERT as opposed to CPM in project management? Give some example of projects where each would be more applicable than the other.
5. “One of the powerful statistical techniques of quality control is Acceptance Sampling.” Explain the concept of acceptance sampling in view of the statement.
6. What are the major purposes of product specification and what are the common methods of product specification?

Course Code : MS - 06

Course Title : Marketing for Managers

Assignment Code : MS-06 /TMA/SEM - I/2020

1. (a) Define Marketing. What would be the possible objectives of marketing in a large sized manufacturing and marketing firm. Elaborate the exchange process between the firm and its customer.

(b) Explain the elements of Marketing Mix by taking an example each from a fast moving consumer product and a consumer durable of your choice. Discuss the growing importance of packaging in the above two examples.

2. (a) Distinguish Social Marketing with Business Marketing in terms of their core objectives, approaches and the applicability of the 4PS.

(b) Explain the concept of Product Life Cycle (PLC) and discuss the various stages of PLC in the following situations.

(i) JiO Mobile Services

(ii) usage of credit cards.

(iii) An SUV of your choice.

3. (a) What is a Marketing Organisation? Discuss the changing role of marketing organisation with the firm you are associated/ attached or familiar with.

(b) What is consumer behavior? Discuss the scope and its role and importance for marketers in decision making process. Apply the six different roles which family (a family of 4 adults and 2 children) members play in the context of the following decision:

(i) deciding in buying property (flat or apartment)

(ii) buying the first car for the said family
4. (a) What are the various product decision and strategies that Marketers should consider and why? Discuss by taking an example of a consumer durable and an Industrial product of your choice.
(b) Discuss the various pricing methods available to the marketer with suitable examples. What is a Sales Forecast? Suggest and discuss suitable approaches to sales forecast for the following.
(i) Premium Brand of Audio System.
(ii) Demand for low cost airlines

Course Code : MS-07
Course Title : Information Systems for Managers
Assignment Code : MS-07/TMA/SEM-I/2020

1. Discuss the concept of information system. Also, explain the various types of information systems.
2. Explain the following statement, “there is a two way relationship between organization and information systems.”
3. “Development of an information system requires adequate planning.” Describe a strategic planning process for system development.
4. “Information systems can fill a special role in corporate quality programs.” Explain how information systems contribute to Total Quality management?
5. Why is metadata an important component of a data warehouse? What is a metadata repository and how is it used by the query manger component of a data warehouse?

Course Code : MS 08
Course Title : Quantitative Analysis for Managerial Applications
Assignment No. : MS-08/TMA/SEM-I/2020

1. Solve the following system of equations
2. A distribution is negatively skewed with the coefficient of skewness as -2.9. The value of mean and mode are 125 and 138, respectively. Find the variance of the distribution.
3. A doctor is to visit a patient. From the past experience, it is known that the probabilities that he will come by train, bus, scooter or by other means of transport are respectively 3/10, 1/5, 1/10 and 2/5. The probabilities that he will be late are ¼, 1/3 and 1/12, if he comes by train, bus and scooter respectively, but if he comes by other means of transport, then he will not be late. When he arrives, he is late. What is the probability that he comes by train?
4. An entrance examination for admission to a first degree course in medicine was conducted at the national level. The mean and standard deviation of the marks obtained by 15000 candidates were 40 and 8, respectively. Determine in terms of standard deviation, the standard marks of students getting 50 and 60 marks. Also find the marks obtained corresponding to standard marks 1.30 and 1.50.
5. What is standard error of estimate? How is it measured? List some of its important interpretations.

Course Code : MS-09
Course Title : Managerial Economics
Assignment Code : MS-09/TMA/SEM-I/2020

1. A firm has many objectives. Discuss how these objectives are different from the traditional objective of profit maximization.
2. Illustrate the relationship between the firm’s total revenue curve and demand curve.
3. Briefly discuss Production Isoquants and Marginal Rate of Technical Substitution (MRTS). Explain how is MRTS calculated?
4. Differentiate between equilibrium of profit maximizing output of a perfectly competitive firm in short run and long run.
5. Explain what is Price Discrimination? Differentiate between First degree and Second Degree Price Discrimination.
6. Write short notes on any two of the following:-
(a) Decision making under risk
(b) Determinants of demand
(c) Economies of Scope

Course Code : MS - 10
Course Title : Organisational Design, Development and Change
Assignment Code : MS-10/TMA/SEM-I/2020

1. Briefly discuss the role of assessment centres and various forms of assessment. Explain the benefits of having an assessment centre in an organization, citing examples.
2. Describe and discuss different perspectives of organizational analysis and how they could help in the improvement for development of organizations. Give examples.
3. Discuss and describe the steps in designing and conducting organizational surveys. Briefly discuss questionnaire as a diagnostic tool.
4. Briefly discuss and describe the nature and rationale of Organisational Development (OD) intervention. Discuss any two interventions and their merits and demerits citing examples.
5. Describe different roles of change agents and explain the competencies and skills required for a change agent.

Course Code : MS-11
Course Title : Strategic Management
Assignment No. : MS-11/TMA/SEM-I/2020

1. Discuss the role SWOT analysis in formulating a strategy for a business organization in different business situations. Illustrate your answer with the help of examples.
2. List any two growth strategies you have studied which have impacted the business organizations in present times. Illustrate with the help of examples.
3. Discuss with the help of examples as to how a decision making process takes place in a business organization.
4. What are Critical Success Factors (CSF’s)? Discuss with the help of an example the role of CSF’s for an organization in a highly competitive market.
5. Identify two firms of your choice out of which one is a single business unit and the other has several related businesses. Read the published information about these firms and accordingly analyze the corporate profile of each company.

IGNOU MS-21 to MS-29 Solved Assignments 

Course Code : MS - 21
Course Title : Social Processes and Behavioral Issues
Assignment Code : MS-21/TMA/SEM-I/2020
1. Describe and discuss modern theories of leadership and their impact on organisations in the present-day context. Cite examples.
2. Explain different Organisational Behaviour Models and how it helps the managers to manage and control behaviours at work, with examples.
3. Discuss and describe the impact of personality traits on organisational behavior.
4. Briefly discuss the process of negotiation and the individual differences on the effectiveness of negotiation, with examples.
5. Define and explain the concept of CSR and it’s importance. Discuss the benefits of CSR, citing examples.

Course Code : MS-22
Course Title : Human Resource Development
Assignment Code : MS- 22/TMA/SEM-I/2020

1. What do you understand by competency based organizational development? Explain the relationship of culture and OD system in an organizational setup as experienced by you or the ones you are aware of. Briefly describe the organization/situation/context you are referring to.
2. How important is the concept and dynamics of cross-functional teams, in an organizational set up? How do the assumptions of HRD for workers supplement/complement the concept of cross functional team in achieving organizational excellence. Explain with examples from organizational set up you are aware of. Briefly identify the organization and the context, you are referring to.
3. What challenges are faced by the Management in managing technological changes in work organization? How does the process of HRD complement in the management of technological change in formal organizational set up. Explain with the relevant examples. Describes the organization and the situation you are referring to.
4. “With global economy and the world becoming a global village, the business enterprises have become extremely cautious of the need for hiring competent human resources and developing core competencies for every organization”. Explain the underlying concept in the above statement with the relevant example from the organizational situation you are aware of. Describe the context and the situation you are referring to.

Course Code : MS - 23
Course Title : Human Resource Planning
Assignment Code : MS-23 /TMA/SEM - I/2020

1. Explain the concept of emerging organizational structure. Describe the transformational process through social, economic, organizational and technological changes at workplace.
2. Discuss the concept of job evaluation and its objectives. Describe the methods of job evaluation and recent developments in job evaluation with suitable example.
3. What is recruitment? What are the methods and techniques of recruitment? Discuss the advantages of recruiting from internal sources and external sources with suitable examples.
4. Define the concept of Human Resource Accounting, its objectives and its role in Human Resource Management. Discuss the measurements of Human Resource Costs and Human Resource Value.
5. Explain the various human resource systems supported through performance appraisal system in organizations. Discuss the role of human resource measures and audit in HRP system.

Course Code : MS - 24
Course Title : Industrial Relations
Assignment Code : MS-24 /TMA/SEM – I/2020
Q1. How did industrial relations evolve and how it got affected by ILO?
Q2. What role does employer organization play in industrial relation? What recommendations were made by The First National Commission on Labour?
Q3. How Trade union leadership influences trade union management?
Q4. How corporate culture and Ethics and values give structural dimension to an organization?
Q5. Why does culture affect the organization functioning in globalized environment? What significant changes have been witnessed in the industrial relations management during the 1990?

IGNOU MS-41 to MS-46 Solved Assignments
Course Code : MS-41

Course Title : Working Capital Management

Assignment No. : MS-41/TMA /SEM-I/2020

1. Explain the meaning of Working Capital. How does inflation affect the size of working capital, availability of working capital, and various components of working capital.

2. An Enterprises’ current turnover is Rs. 10 lakh per annum. The enterprise currently allows a credit period of 40 days to its customers from the date of sale. The management of this enterprise wishes to adopt a more liberal credit policy, and it is exploring the following options:
Credit Policy
Proposed increase in collection period (days)
Expected increase in sales (Rs.)
Anticipated default rate on rate of bad debt (%)

Additional information :-

- Selling price/unit is Rs 5.00

- Average cost/unit is Rs 3.00

- Variable costs/unit is Rs 2.00

- Current default rate is 1.5%

- Required rate of return is 15%
- A year consists of 360 days
You are required to suggest which of the above credit policies should be followed?
3. Taking a suitable example explain how maximum permissible bank finance is assessed under the three methods of lending suggested by the Tandon Committee.
4. “Capital Investment Module and Working Capital Module use simulation techniques to represent the interactions among the capital investment and working capital variables” Discuss.

Course Code : MS-42
Course Title : Capital Investment and Financing Decisions
Assignment No. : MS-42/TMA /SEM-I/2020

1. What do you understand by ‘Cost of Capital’? How is cost of capital ascertained for different sources of capital?
2. What is project life cycle? Explain the various components of a project plan.
3. What is a project risk? Explain the different methods used for measuring project risk.
4. Discuss in detail the various nontraditional sources of long term financing.
5. What is corporate restructuring? Discuss the various forms of merger and explain the various steps involved in a merger.

Course Code : MS-43
Course Title : Management Control System
Assignment Code : MS-43/TMA/SEM-I/2020

1. Explain the techniques for Management Control that are generally being used by organizations. How are these techniques integrated with the Management Control Systems?
2. Define a Profit Centre and discuss the various factors on which the degree of autonomy of Profit Centre depends. What benefits does an organization enjoy from Profit Decentralization.
3. Find out the Performance Measurement System Framework in an organization of your choice and the performance indicators used for Performance Evaluation. Write a note on it.
4. How do differences in cultures across Nations affect the Management Control Systems? Explain the role played by local institutions in designing of Management Control System of MNCs.
5. Study the case of Broke Bond India Ltd and answer the questions given in the case.

IGNOU MS-51 to MS-58 Solved Assignments

Course Code : MS-51

Course Title : Operations Research

Assignment No. : MS-51/TMA/SEM-I/2020

1. “Executives at all levels in business and industry come across the problems of making decision at every stage in their day- to day activities. Operations Research provides them with various quantitative techniques for decision – making and enhances their ability to make long range plans and solve everyday problems of running a business and industry with greater efficiency, competence and confidence”. Comment with examples.

2. Using the following cost matrix, determine (a) optional job assignment, and (b) the cost of assignments.

Machinist                    Job

1          2          3             4          5

A                     10        3          3             2          8

B                     9          7          8             2          7

C                     7          5          6             2          4
D                     3          5          8             2          4
E                      9          10        9             6          10
3. A TV repairman finds that the time spent on his job has an exponential distribution with mean 30 minutes. If he repairs sets in the order in which they come and if the arrival of sets is approximately Poisson with an average rate of 10 per 8 hour day, what is his expected idle time each day? How many jobs are ahead of the set just brought in?
4. Shruti Ltd. has developed a sales forecasting function for its products and the products of the competitors, Purnima Ltd. There are four strategies S1, S2, S3, and S4 available to Shruti Ltd. and three strategies P1, P2 and P3 to Purnima Ltd. The pay –offs corresponding to all the twelve combinations of the strategies are given below. From the table we can see that, for example, if strategy S1 is employed by Shruti Ltd. and strategy P1 by Purnima Ltd., then there shall be a gain of Rs, 30,000 in quarterly sales to the former. Other entries can be similarly interpreted. Considering this information, state what would be the optimal strategy for Shruti Ltd.? Purnima Ltd.? What is the value of the game? Is the game fair?
Purnima Ltd’s Strategy
P1                    P2                    P3
Shruti Ltd’s Strategy S1                                30,000             -21,000             1,000
S2                                18,000             14,000             12,000
S3                                -6,000              28,000             4,000
S4                                18,000             6,000               2,000
5. Write short notes on any three of the following:
(a) Random Variable
(b) Functions of Inventory
(c) Dynamic Recursive Relation
(d) Practical Application of Simulation
(e) Modified Distribution (MODI) Method

Course Code : MS-52
Course Title : Project Management
Assignment No. : MS-52/TMA/SEM-I/2020
1. “Implementing projects involving large expenditure is a strategic decision”. Explain the financial analysis of projects in view of the statement. Also, explain the economic analysis of the project.
2. “Short-term funds are required for meeting the working capital requirement of the company”, Explain the various sources for short term rupee fund.
3. “A good accounting system is a sine-qua-non for the success of any organized business activity,” Explain accounting system in the light of project management.
4. “Projects are the plans of action for hurling forward an organization in the comity of the corporate world”. Explain the concept of project. Also explain the objectives of commissioning.
5. Write short notes on the following:-
(a) Time Horizon of Demand Forecasting.
(b) Integrating Projects in Functional Organization.
(c) Objectives of Project Management Information System.
(d) Computers Simulation in Project Appraisal.

Course Code : MS - 53

Course Title : Production/Operations Management

Assignment Code : MS-53/TMA/SEM - I /2020

1. “We have entered the age of technology; henceforth everything will be knowledge based”. Discuss the above in the context of increasing use of technology-based resources for achieving tasks.

2. “Forecasting is one input to all types of business planning and control, both inside and outside the operations functions”. Explain the application of forecasting to different functional areas in the light of the statement.

3. Discuss the relationship between work measurement and job design. Which typically follows the other? Why?

4. Why did the JIT (Just-in-time) approach evolve in Japan and not in Western countries? Write the various characteristics of Just – in –time system.
5. “As per major activity groups involved in materials management in any manufacturing organization, several issues emerge”. Write the various issues related to storage and material handling.
6. “Technology plays a key role in the development of manufacturing systems”. Explain the classification of process technology in view of the statement.

Course Code : MS-54
Course Title : Management Information Systems
Assignment Code : MS-54/TMA/SEM-I/2020

1. “The way organizations cannot exist without MIS (Management Information System), even information does not exist without organization.” Discuss.
2. What are the features of a language which should be considered for its selection in the design of a system? Explain your answer with special reference to on-line system.
3. “Switching systems are connected to each other through point-to-point media.” Explain in the light of the statement the concept of connectivity through switched networks.
4. “Several problems may motivate management in an organization to adopt the database approach- focusing on the problem of the data.” Discuss the major problems that motivate a database approach along with the taxonomy of data structures.
5. “Computer virus is a software code that can infect other computer programs by altering them to include a copy of it.” Discuss the concept of computer virus and its main characteristics.

IGNOU MS-61 to MS-612 Solved Assignments

Course Code : MS - 61

Course Title : Consumer Behaviour

Assignment Code : MS-61 /TMA/SEM - I/2020

1. Imagine yourself as a retailer for menswear and propose how you would use lifestyle approach to succeed in your venture.

2. Explain the concept of learning and discuss its marketing applications.

3. Discuss the characteristics that distinguish organisational buying from individual buying. Taking the example of purchase of a computer for your personal use and for organisational purpose, explain the differences.
4. Explain the concept of family life cycle. Which stage(s) of the family life cycle could constitute a lucrative segment for the following? Give reasons for your answer.
(a) Life insurance policy
(b) Educational toys
(c) Branded gold jewellery.
5. What is the need to study post purchase behaviour of consumers? Explain its implications for marketers of consumer durables.
6. Define culture and subculture. Discuss the importance of sub-cultural segmentation for food products.

Course Code : MS - 62

Course Title : Sales Management

Assignment Code : MS-62 /TMA/SEM - I/2020

1. a) Distinguish and discuss the term “Sales” and “Selling” with suitable examples. What is a sales strategy? Explain the various activities/ tasks that a sales managers should consider in designing a sales strategy for the firm. Discuss with a hypothetical example.
b) Why it is essential to possess a sound knowledge of computer system and its application areas in sales management function? Discuss with an example.
2. a) What is Selling process? Discuss the various stages involved in Selling process in the following situation.
i) Salesman selling computer systems for an educational institution.
ii) Salesman promoting banking products for individuals.
b) What do you understand by the term “Skill”? What are the various skills that a salesman ought to possess in a sales profession? Illustrate with a suitable example.
3. a) What are Sales displays? Explain with examples the different types of displays available to the retailer in effectively managing for customer pull.
b) Assume that you have been assigned the task of recruitment and selection of sales force. What recruitment sources and selection tools would you employ and why in the following situations?
i) Missionary Salesmen for Pharma company
ii) Engineering graduates for an automobile company
4. a) Elaborate the importance of training sales force at all the levels in an organization. Discuss the steps involved in the training process in the following situations.
i) Management graduates joined as management trainee with a MNC firm.
ii) Product knowledge and its application areas (Technical) for Diploma holders.
b) As a sales manager, discuss the key considerations in the preparation of sales budget for sales department so as to effectively plan, co-ordinate and control all the activities. Prepare an essay by taking an hypothetical example of your choice.


Course Code : MS - 63

Course Title : Product Management
Assignment Code : MS-63 /TMA/SEM - I/2020
1. What is a product? Taking the example of refrigerator, explain the anatomy of the product i.e. the core benefits, tangible specifications, and augmented features.
2. Taking the example of packaged fruit juices, explain how you can generate new product ideas using attribute analysis.
3. Briefly explain the concept of Product Life Cycle (PLC).Do all the products follow the bell shaped curve of PLC? Discuss giving suitable examples.
4. What do you understand by the term ‘product positioning’? Describe the alternative basis of positioning that you can apply for a tooth paste.
5. Discuss the various functions that packaging performs in marketing of cooking oil.
6. What are the objectives of test marketing? Taking any new product of your choice explain how you would go about its test marketing.

Course Code : MS - 64
Course Title : International Marketing
Assignment Code : MS-64 /TMA/SEM - I/2020
1. What do you understand by the term ‘International Marketing’? Explain the reasons for which firms enter international markets.
2. Distinguish between the following giving suitable examples.
(a) ‘Ethnocentric’ and ‘Polycentric’ orientations
(b) ‘Free Trade Area’ and ‘Customs Union’
(c) ‘Pre-investment Planning’ and ‘Post-investment Planning’ for management of political risk.
3. Discuss the significance of letter of credit in international marketing. Explain the operation of a letter of credit.
4. What is the effect of ‘terms of delivery’ on the price to be quoted by an exporter? Explain giving an example.
5. How does culture influence international marketing decisions? Explain with the help of suitable examples.
6. Briefly explain the components of international advertising strategy. What are the relative advantages of standardization and adaptation of an international advertising programme?

Course Code : MS - 65
Course Title : Marketing of Services
Assignment Code : MS-65 /TMA/SEM - I/2020
1. Where do the following fit on the ‘Continuum of Evaluation’ for different types of products?
(a) Automobile repairs
(b) Teaching
(c) Restaurant
What are the implications for consumer behavior?
2. Explain the logic behind these two quotes: “A complaint is a gift” and “The customer who complains is your friend”.
3. Do you think physical evidence really matters in marketing of services? Discuss with the help of examples.
4. As a manager of a movie theatre, what strategies would you use to overcome demand and supply challenges?
5. What do you understand by ‘non-monetary costs’ with reference to marketing of services? Describe the non-monetary costs involved in the following:
(a) Home Loans
(b) Health Services
6. What are the implications of the services marketing triangle? Explain giving suitable examples.

IGNOU MS-91 to MS-97 Solved Assignments

Course Code : MS-91
Course Title : Advanced Strategic Management
Assignment No. : MS-91/TMA/SEM-I/2020
1. Explain corporate policy formulation process and examine the importance of formulating a corporate policy in today’s changing scenario.
2. Describe the role of the Board in strategic management. What according to you, are the factors that influence the effectiveness of Board?
3. Read the case study ‘Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd. (RLL)’ from Block-3 of MS-91 and identify the various modes of entry Ranbaxy has adopted in different regions. What are the pros and cons of each mode of entry?
4. Explain the concept of creativity. Taking the example of a creative organization explain how does creativity contribute to the success of an organization.
5. List the ways in which corporate philanthropy is undertaken and comment on the relevance of strategic philanthropy for business organizations.
6. Write notes on the following:
(a) Business Ethics
(b) Value Systems and IT
(c) Multi domestic Strategy
(d) Components of Corporate Strategy

IGNOU MS-422 to MS-495 Solved Assignments

Banking and Finance


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