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UPES Latest Subjective Type Solved Assignment
SEMESTER 1 (All Specialization)

UPES Latest Subjective Type Solved Assignment
SEMESTER 2 (All Specialization)

UPES Solved Assignments

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UPES Solved Assignments for MBA
The University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES) is a renowned institution offering specialized MBA programs tailored to the dynamic needs of the energy, petroleum, and infrastructure sectors. For students pursuing their MBA at UPES, managing assignments can sometimes be a challenge due to the unique nature of the curriculum. Our platform provides UPES solved assignments for MBA courses, ensuring that students get a thorough understanding of the topics while meeting academic requirements. With our expertly crafted solutions, students can now confidently tackle their assignments, ensuring they stay on top of their academic pursuits and achieve excellence in their chosen MBA specializations.

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UPES Assignment Answers

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UPES Assignments Online

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UPES Assignment Assistance

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UPES Dissertation Help

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All Semester and All Specialization
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Semester I

Semester II

Economics & Management Decisions

Human Resource Management

Financial Management

Customer Relationship Management

Marketing Management

Project Management & Contract Administration

Quantitative Techniques for Management Applications

Strategic Management of Technology & Innovation

Operations & Material Management

Research Methodology

Semester III

Semester IV



Fundamental of Airlines Operation

Business Policy & Strategy

Airport Planning & Management

Aviation Enterprise Management

Aviation Forecasting Techniques

Regulatory Management

Aviation Law & Insurance


Aviation Safety & Security Management




Power Sector Economics & Planning

Business Policy & Strategy

Financing Energy Sector Projects

Energy Law & Policy

Power Pricing & Power Purchase Agreements

Health, Safety & Environment for Power Industry

Power Trading


Power Station Management




Understanding Oil & Gas Business

Business Policy & Strategy

Understanding Natural Gas Business

Petroleum Law & Policy

Understanding Petro Chemical Business

Petro Retailing Business

Fundamentals of Petroleum Refining


Fundamentals of Petroleum Exploration




Accounting in Logistics & Supply Chain Sector

Business Policy & Strategy

Logistics Fundamentals and Processes

Supply Chain Simulation

Planning for Logistics

Logistics Strategy

Supply Chain Modeling & Design


Lean Supply Chain Management


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about UPES Solved Assignments and Dissertation services

1. What are UPES solved assignments?

University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES) solved assignments are comprehensive solutions to the assignments given by Solved MBA Assignments to the UPES MBA students. These assignments are meticulously prepared by experts in the respective fields and serve as a guide for students to understand the concepts and requirements of the assignments

2. How can UPES solved assignments help me?

UPES solved assignments can be a valuable resource for MBA students. They provide a reference point for understanding the subject matter, help in structuring your own answers, and improve your overall understanding of the course material. These assignments can also assist you in achieving better grades by providing well-researched and well-presented solutions.

3. Are the UPES solved assignments original?

Yes, UPES solved assignments provided by reputable services like Solved MBA Assignments are original and plagiarism-free. Expert writers and subject matter experts prepare these assignments from scratch, ensuring the content is unique and tailored to the specific requirements of each assignment.

4. Can I customize the UPES solved assignments to my own writing style?

While the solutions provided in UPES solved assignments are meticulously crafted, you have the flexibility to customize them to your own writing style. You can use these assignments as a guide and add your personal touch to ensure your submission reflects your understanding and learning. However please refrain yourself from direct copy – pasting from Google sources as it will lead to Plagiarism.

5. What about confidentiality and privacy?

Reputable services like Solved MBA Assignments that offer UPES solved assignments and dissertation services prioritize confidentiality and privacy. Your personal information and engagement with the service will be kept strictly confidential, ensuring your academic integrity is maintained.

6. How can I access UPES dissertation services?

UPES dissertation services are designed to assist MBA students in their research and writing process for their dissertations. These services provide guidance, research assistance, and proofreading/editing support to help you produce a high-quality and well-structured dissertation.

7. Can I trust UPES dissertation services to meet my requirements?

At Solved MBA Assignments, we have  UPES dissertation services team of experienced writers and subject matter experts who are well-versed in various MBA disciplines like Finance, HRM, Operations, Marketing, Power Management, Aviation Management, Oil and Gas Management, International Management etc.. They ensure that your dissertation requirements are met and that the final product meets the academic standards and guidelines set by UPES.